By: Samuel Goldberg

When I got my vaccine early last week, I was required to wait 15 minutes before leaving the premises just in case any symptoms arose after first receiving the shot. The convention center I was at provided a section of chairs spread out for everyone to sit…

By: Samuel Goldberg

I found ENTI 674: Technologies of Innovation to be unlike any course I have taken. It was refreshing to experience a self-directed course. Personally, the aspects of the course that I felt most engaged in were the lab components. As a kinaesthetic and active person, I have…

By: Amal Asiff, Anoosha Venkatesh, Brielle Pelletier, Jeremy Eusebio-Wong, Samuel Goldberg

The pandemic has decimated the airline industry, leading to a total loss in revenue of $371 billion (ICAO, n.d.). This has created a financial crisis for many airlines and disgruntled travellers who can no longer fly with the ease…

Samuel Goldberg

Curious and explorative learner looking to share the insights I find along this wild journey of life.

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